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I was stopped at a red light on my way to work today.  I noticed a woman walking down the street.  Based on the way she was dressed, the way she carried herself and the part of town she was in, I assumed she was a prostitute.  As she walked, she passed by a bush that had one lone large flower on it.  She stopped and looked at it.  She then picked it and walked off with it. 

It struck me.  Here is a woman that society would say was too far gone, that was too hardened by her life, more than likely strung out on drugs.  Like most caught up in her lifestyle, I’m sure she carries herself as if that were true.  Yet, she stopped admired and wanted to possess something of innocence and beauty. 

How often do we make the decision that someone is just too far gone?  How often do we conclude that they are just too hardened by life?  How often are we wrong?  What if, instead of looking down our noses in judgement (and pitying someone is a type of judgement), we instead presented them with the one lone beauty of Christ love?  If they choose to reject Him, that is their decision.  But imagine for just a moment if they don’t.  If they pick Him and take Him as their very own.   Unlike the flower picked by the woman today, He won’t wilt and die.  Quite the opposite, He will breathe a life into them that they have never dreamed possible. 


Even prostitutes pick flowers. 





We worked hard

Let’s get a drink

We deserve it

Don’t you think

Having a good time

Just good clean fun

Relieving our stress

Our work week is done

Your always thinking

Sober driver you are

I can depend on you

We’re safe in your car

Up in the distance

I see the lights around the curve

Intoxicated fool at the wheel

You slam the brakes as we swerve

I feel the iron

Piercing my heart

My dearest friend

It’s time we part

I lay in your arms

Blank stare in my eyes

You hold me close

As my body dies

You called me friend

I believed in you

Now it’s too late

For salvation true

You held your tongue

Please tell me why?

You never SHOWED me Christ

Without Him, you let me die

Every so often

You’d try to get me to go

To your church with you

But it was nothing but show

I saw nothing in you

That made me wish to take part

After all there was no difference

In mine and your heart

We played and we sinned

We shared our wretched lives

You were right beside me

In all the hellish dives

If only you had stood

Bold, brave and strong

Perhaps I wouldn’t be

In hell eternally long

The flames and the heat

The screams of those around

Gnashing of teeth

Torments abound

These are horrid

This much is true

But not as bad as the truth

Withheld from me by you

We were friends

Buddies and brothers in deed

You were such a great friend

You kept back my greatest need




As I stand here

A tear falls from my eye

I think of the moment

I watched you die

Dark secret within

Something I cannot tell

But I saw the demons

Drag you into hell

You were good

I thought that’d do

You never hurt anyone

How could this happen to you?

When I was younger

Age six plus ten

I accepted Christ Jesus

I let Him in

Days came and went

As did the years

I drifted from Him

Despite my fears

I once was bold

Courageous and strong

I spoke out for Him

All day long

Somehow, sometime it was lost

I can’t say for sure when

I forsook His presence

For a life of sin

Now I stand here

I look upon your face

Knowing your in torment

Hiding my disgrace

If only I had told you

Opened my mouth to speak

If only I had shown you

It’s Him you must seek

No words can make up

For the wrong I have done

The ultimate failure

Not taking you to the Son

There is but one thing

Something I must do

Reach out to your loved ones

Keep them from joining you

I give my word

A promise I will not break

I will tell them of Him

I’ll do whatever it takes

I know God is merciful

And He does forgive

But with this torment

I’ll forever live

My friend, I have failed you

No way to repent

All the chances I wasted

In the time we spent

My friend…. please forgive me

God and hell

How could a loving compassionate God possibly create a place of torment like hell and then send people there?
This question has two false assumptions. First of all, He does not “send” anyone there. What He does is respect your right to exist without Him. If you choose to not seek Him, then he honors your decision and lets you have your wish. Hell is the one place His presence is not because of His respect for your free will decision.
The second false assumption is that He created the torments. People seem to think God HAS compassion, love, patience etc. No! God IS compassion, love, patience, kindness, etc. Since God does not force Himself on those who choose to exist without Him, He also does not force what He is on them. The torments of hell are created by the absence of His nature. I suspect the origin of the torments is more mental than anything, but being in the spirit realm, the lines between mental and “real” are a lot different than they are here in the flesh.
God loves you so much that He respects your right to turn your back on Him and have a world of your own creation.

As the morning disperses the night, so do you disperse my darkness within
As the dew overtakes the ground, so does joy overtake my heart at the sound of your voice.
As the rising sun warms the earth… so is my soul warmed at the sight of your amazing beauty.
As the tree dreams of touching the sky…. so do I dream of holding your hand.
As the cool breeze awakens natures creatures, so do you awaken my heart
As I arise, my thoughts are of you. as I stir, my thoughts are of you.
As I begin my day, my thoughts are of you.
My thoughts……. are of you.



Through the pain and the tears
And the darkest of night
Still I trust You
To lead me to Light

Though I walk alone
No love yet by my side
Still I trust You
To bring my bride

Though enemies surround me
Lies whispered in my ear
Still I trust You
Rebuke the fear

Through the emptiness
Of days gone by
Still I trust You
Lord, Most High

Through the rejection
Falsely they scorn
Still I trust You
A Son reborn

Through the chaos
Of graves embrace
Still I trust You
For death erased

Through the resurrection
And hells defeat
Still I trust You
In Love complete!



·         We beat them, slapped them, cussed and bruised them

We’ve ignored them, mocked them, lusted and abused them

They were your gift
So we wouldn’t be alone
But we’ve slapped you
By treating them oh so wrong

We’ve put them on stages
And told them to dance
We give them our money
Instead of romance

We should cherish
Honor and protect
Instead we are vile
Many lives we have wrecked

Lord, I stand before you
My head hung low in shame
For everything that is corrupted
We alone are to blame

Lord, you created us
You placed us as Kings
But in our selfish ego
We’ve dishonored your Queens

Father, forgive us
Create in us a new heart
Sanctify us in your mercy
From our sin, set us apart

Guide us in Your way
Teach us how we should go
To value your gift
The women you gave us to know

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